A downloadable game for Windows

A colony simulation and survival game with some rts and rpg elements and hopefully some interesting and fun experimental mechanics.   

The game will loosely reference some historical elements such as real tribe names but is meant to take place in its own world.


This demo is an early prototype so MANY things don't work but it will give you an idea of the gameplay and the world.   Thank you for your patience :-)

Should you wish to discuss any topics related to the game or just follow development please join the subreddit:


FEATURES (Some are working now others should come later)

  • Create your town in a procedurally generated world
  • Build free form interiors
  • Manage your people to make best use of their abilities and strengths
  • Create production chains for processing resources and making items
  • Trade resources and items and explore other areas of the world
  • Mine for valuable deposits
  • Protect your people from winter cold and harsh weather with real heat dynamics
  • Gather knowledge and research new technologies
  • Fight to protect your land and treasures from invaders and other tribes


Toggle Help Window: F1

Move Around Map: W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys
Camera Free Rotation: Left Alt + Mouse Drag
Camera Rotate Left: Q
Camera Rotate Right: E
Camera Zoom: Mouse Wheel

Build Mode
Rotate Object: R
Cancel Build/Blueprint: Right-click (only when not started)
Cancel Build: ESC

Gameplay Controls
Pause/Resume: Spacebar
In-Game Pause Menu: ESC

Thermal Dynamics (Experimental)
Thermal Overlay Toggle: TAB
Add Cold: 1
Add Heat: 2,3,4 (4 will set fires)

Debug Stuff/God Mode

Instant Build Toggle: F5 (building happens wihtout any work)
Free building: F6 (don't need resources on stockpile)

Kill selected character: Delete
Make selected character freeze: F
Make selected character hungry: H
Make selected character tired: 0


RulersQuest-v0.0.5-Win.zip 19 MB

Development log


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Really cool reminds me of Kenshi - http://store.steampowered.com/app/233860/Kenshi/ and http://store.steampowered.com/app/378360/Ymir/

please, can you make a demo for browser OR a version to android? bcuz i cant download things in the PC bcuz isnt mine and i have a android cellphone

None of my people would do anything

You need to assign them jobs then build things. I will make a tutorial at some point.


The download is for windows, what OS are you on?

windows 10? (sorry i didn't reply earlyer, i was on holiday)

Welcome back, it works on windows 10 let me know if you have any issues.

it says "not available on windows" where the download should be

Ok please try now,  I missed the "windows" checkbox when I uploaded the new version.